Betty Crocker, Allergen Statement

I was in upstate New York recently and the gluten-free Betty Crocker mixes were up there, just waiting for me, in the cake mix aisle, all four types: chocolate cake, vanilla cake, brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Given what I’ve read on twitter and what Catherine of A Gluten Free Guide said last week over dinner, I chose what seem to be the top two winners: brownie and cookie mix.

But I’m not only a gluten-free girl. Ho no, I have some other questions, like what about tree-nuts in the Canadian gluten-free facility?

I called the Betty Crocker customer service number in Minnesota (the 800 was all automated and too slow) and spoke to a rep. She was able to email General Mills/Betty Crocker’s allergen statement, a portion of which I’ve reprinted below.

“This is the most current information for your needs. If one of our products contains any of the top 8 allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, soy, wheat, crustaceans, and fish) or if it contains sesame, sunflower or mollusks, that ingredient is always listed in the ingredient panel, and also in bold letters just below the list of ingredients. If a product is exposed to any of these allergens in the manufacturing facility the allergen will be listed in bold in the ′Contains Statement′ just below the list of ingredients. This list is your ingredient assurance for that package. It is not intended for other packaging of the same product. Ingredients may vary from one package to another due to product reformulation. If you have allergy concerns, please read each package ingredient panel.”

Alrighty now, so let the Betty Crocker tasting begin.

Have any of you GF/DF/FA/NA/PA/SWF peeps tried it yet?


April said…
We've tried the Brownies. They were quite good, but the mix is still a bit more expensive than other brands (Whole Foods 365, Trader Joe's, etc.). Until they can get the price down it will be a once in awhile treat. BTW, we lived in Canada for a few years and they are VERY conscientious about tree nuts up there. There are lots of candy makers (Nestle, Hershey, etc.) that have dedicated facilities with no nuts. We were surprised to find they didn't bother to do it for the US market.
In general, I think it's just a good idea to avoid processed foods. Prepared mixes are usually full of junk ingredients. Why take any risks for something like this? Just find the time and make your own safe and "better for you" baked goods.
South Slope said…
We deal with your allergens & more...and I'm going to venture a guess that there is white potato flour and/or soy flour in these mixes which would automatically nix them for us.

As well, there is probably potato in the baking powder.

Additionally, we've reacted to vanilla that was supposedly gluten free for whatever reason (alcohol potato based?) so if there is vanilla added to the mixes we would avoid.

I prefer my own mixes that I've been perfecting for about 10 years to an overpriced mass marketed store bought version, but that's just me!
Jenny said…
Thank you for this detailed info. Alot of parents ask me about cake mixes for my nut-allergic child.

You prove how worthwhile it is to call the company and/or manufacturer for clarification.
I haven't tried them because I can't find them! But I'm looking.
Thanks for that info. You saved me a phone call. We have those pesky nut allergies too along with a severe egg allergy.
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks for the comments everyone!
Tamie said…
My son has tree nut and peanut allergies. I have made the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix and have had no issues.

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