American Girl, Food Allergy Doll

 From Huffington Post Parents blog:

American Girl Dolls To Get Allergy-Free Lunches, Hearing Aids
“…and, for those dolls with food-sensitivities, an American Girl Allergy-Free Lunch. The lunch comes complete with a medical bracelet and a fake allergy shot, ‘just in case.’”

There are so many possible positive applications for this kind of doll. A doll with food allergies, anaphylaxis and an auto-injector of epinephrine can be a teaching tool for young children about disease management. As children learn best through play, this doll can help parents to identify any feelings (anxious of otherwise) about food allergies and food allergic reactions as their children play.
What do you all think about: American Girl Dolls To Get Allergy-Free Lunches, Hearing Aids?


Deb Baldwin said…
I think the addition of the allergy-free lunches as well as the hearing aids to the American Girl line is a great idea. As the mother of a young daughter with many food allergies, it warmed my heart to see the new lunch. My daughter has already circled this in the catalogue for her Christmas list. :)

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