Shorty’s .32, NYC, Again

*CLOSED as of 2011*
I put my money where my bloggy mouth is and returned last night to Shorty's .32 to check out the short ribs and so I could take the resto off the provisional status in my sidebar [which is for a resto that fed me well but I’ve only been to once].

QUESTION: Can you have a perfect storm twice? I don’t know what those odds may be but what I do know is that Casey and I had the best night ever!

Shorty’s .32 was packed with a young, fun, professional crowd. Antonio saved us two cozy seats at the pretty copper bar. Paul, the bartender/actor, sporting a new snazzy beard, took excellent care of us and his sister was also in attendance. (Check out her yoga company, YogaHope and the story about YogaHope and Sue in the New York Times today!) Chef Josh Eden walked me through the menu to ensure what I was ordering was Allergic Girl friendly. And his dishes didn't disappoint: they were simply superb. In fact, I think he’s my new foodie crush. He's super careful about food allergies as he has a best friend who has severe allergies and he’s been cooking for him for years. Casey and I were having such a fun night that we were there way past both of our school-night bed-times; we were still there long after Chef had called it a night!

Casey and I both had the short ribs, she with the mac and cheese side and me with the yam mash that usually accompanies the pork chop. [The mash has butter but no milk so I popped some Lactaid and was fine!] The short ribs glistened with fat and flavor, were butter soft and perfectly seasoned. Casey and I, who had met for dinner for a much needed post-holiday catch up, had to observe some eating silence, a few moments of reverence, whilst we tucked into these masterful ribs, I mean it was a serious no-talking-zone-don’t-bother-me-whilst-I’m-eating-something-so-good there for a while and for Casey and I, both major talkers this is saying a lot.

UPSHOT: I’ve found my new allergen-friendly dinning spot and it’s called: Shorty’s .32.

199 Prince St.,


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