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I’m not a huge believer in barrier bedding.

According to a recent New York Times article on environmental allergies: “Several studies show that there are no significant improvements from using mattress and pillow encasements and other allergy-fighting products. The best thing to do is to take the necessary steps to remove allergens like the ones discussed above.” I wish the New York Times quoted which studies, but generally speaking, I agree. At home, I’m not allergic to my own bedding, pillows nor mattress. I have wood floors that are cleaned weekly, and bedding washed weekly in hot water with a low-to-no fragrance detergent. Traveling is when I need allergen-free bedding. Traveling, at least for me, can be my worst allergy enemy. Dusty, musty, moldy rooms and bedding can equal not only a sneeze and wheeze fest but a horrible night’s sleep. That's when I need a barrier.

Asthma & Allergy Friendly’s partner, Smart Silk sent me some barrier bedding to try at home: pillow encasements, mattress encasement and a duvet (comforter).

The Smart Silk duvet is lightweight and thin, it has the crunchy feather sound (it's silk, not feather) while being cozy and very warm. I’ve been told by the Smart Silk guys that during the summer, the silk will keep me equally cool because it wicks moisture away. Look forward to seeing that. However, the best part is that the Smart Silk duvet is a luxurious feeling product that is also allergen-friendly. I’ve been using this duvet since the fall and I love it.

Have I noticed any allergy difference or decrease? Nope. I didn't expect to for the above reasons i.e. I keep a *really* environmental allergen-free home space.

What I'd need, I told Smart Silk , is Asthma & Allergy Friendly and certified travel bedding. "We have that in development," they said. Oh yes! Here are the details about their travel product. Given how often I'm allergic/asthmatic mess when I travel, I'd appreciate a travel bedding solution that was compact and easy to tote.

From Smart Silk: “The pack contains a duvet as well as a mattress pad which is a scaled down version of our current mattress protector. The case for the travel pack acts as a pillow protector which will hold regular hotel pillows. We will be running the travel pack in 2 sizes. The twin / double pack will retail for $174.99. The queen / king pack will retail for $199.99." The Smart Silk travel product will be available and on the website by end of May, perfect for spring/summer allergies and traveling.

Overall, as an allergy-free duvet (as any duvet, really), I love the Smart Silk product. It’s warm and light, has no odor (sometimes silk or poly-blends can outgas) and it's certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly (meaning that it's guaranteed to be less allergenic). I was so thrilled with the sample that I donated my old duvet.

I'm curious, allergy peeps, where do you find allergen bedding most helpful or where would you use it most?


Susan Weissman said…
Really interesting question because I find a food allergic conondrum for families - we often to RENT homes during travel (to cook) but that leaves us at the mercy of random indoor allergens like molds and dust in certain homes. Travel bedding would be one solution....
I actually find that my mattress and pillow covers make a huge difference for me. Since I'm very allergic to dust mites, covering the pillows, mattress and duvet improved my sleep and minimized the sinus problems I ususally woke with first thing in the morning. For travel, I bought the same pillow covers that I use at home and keep them in my suitcase.

I also have hardwood floors and no carpets, but since dust mites live inside the furniture, I also noticed a big difference in my allergies when I switched from a fabric couch to a leather one.

I get my pillow and mattress covers from
GFree_Miel said…
Wow, I never even thought of that! You must have it so tough being so allergic! I'm glad you found something that helps at least a little bit =)

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