Olive Oil Fraud, Update

Update August 9, 2010: "Chefs seek payment for virgin oils' phony purity"

Remember this story? Basically, as NPR said: "Italian extra-virgin olive oil has become so lucrative that adulterated olive oil has become the biggest source of agricultural fraud problems in the European Union."

The big issue for the food allergic community: cheaper nut oils were often being blended in – without being labeled as such.

B.I.G. issue.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that three years later there is a “crack down” on the olive oil trade to ensure that when you buy olive oil that’s what you’re getting:

"Propelled by complaints about slippery food purveyors selling low-end product as high-end goods, or olive oils being doctored with cheaper canola, safflower or peanut oils, the U.S. Department of Agriculture this fall will roll out new standards to help ensure that consumers buying "100% extra virgin" olive oil get what they pay for."

However, it’s still buyer beware: “The new rules are voluntary — not mandatory — so the prospect of more slick shenanigans continues.”

Read more from the LATimes here.

Have any of you been buying olive oil and finding that it was a wonky, substandard or lethal (to you) blend instead?


Lindsay said…
I haven't had any issues with olive oil, although I never purchase store-brand, generic olive oil OR popular brands that also manufacture peanut oil.
Michelle said…
I could not figure out for the life of me why my olive oil stuffed my nose and caused massive bloating. Now I know why!

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