NYNJ Rock, Allergic Girl

NYNJ Rock group coordinator Gabrielle, Rachel Begun, RD and me:

What a wonderful event last night with the NYNJ Rock group, run expertly by Gabrielle Simon! One of the many helpful tips that came out of this evening was about thank you notes. We were talking about dining out with dietary restrictions and, as you know, I say if you dined well, send the restaurant a thank you note. Gabby’s suggestion was that if you are dining with a child with a dietary restriction that you and your child write the note. Your child can sign the note or, if they are old enough, even write the thank you. Chefs love hearing they served a child safely as well as we adults! Graciousness and gratitude is always appreciated and a great skill to instill in your young ones.

Thanks again NYNJ Rock for a great and informative evening. Below are some pictures, printed with permission.


Safe treats for the NYNJ Rock group provided by Angie's Kettle Corn, Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies, and Schär:

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