Chicken with Honey and Cumin

So I made the Passover chicken this year.

Most years we buy rotisserie chicken from Fairway Market - perfectly cooked every time it takes a lot of the stress and hassle from throwing a dinner party for 8, 10 or twelve guests if the chicken is already done. But this year I was determined to try my own version.

As a vegetarian for 17 years until 2005, cooking meat still feels new and novel and I don't regularly cook meat at home for myself. However of January 2012, I’ve been hosting monthly Shabbat dinner parties with a meat dish as the main (often with vegetarian options). But not chicken, not yet.

To create the Passover chicken masterpieces, I combined two recipes: simply recipes technique for coking chicken parts (and with the help of my trusty meat thermometer) and then another recipe for an added flavor: honey and cumin. Here's that recipe in a jpeg from a book whose title I cannot recall (I eliminated the vinegar as I didn't have any on hand):

Everyone was fainting over the chicken-y goodness, the breast was tender and flavorful, the thighs fully cooked and tender.

I will so be making this again.


Unknown said…
Sounds delicious! I might have to try this out... Chicken can be flavored so many different ways, it's always fun to try new stuff.

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