Whole Foods, Yorkville, Toronto

There's been a Whole Foods in Toronto for the past ten years in tony Yorkville and I was curious what Whole Foods in Toronto had in their allergen-friendly foods category.  So, I wandered through the aisles to see what I could find. Whole Foods, like most large retail grocery stores, hasn't quite figured out where to put allergen-friendly foods: in their own aisle or mixed amongst regular foods, so they do both. Here are some picture of the old friends I found here, with French subtitles, mais oui.

Enjoy Life and Canada-based Glutino
My fave, Enjoy Life min-chocolate chip en francais!
Udi's, whee!

I picked up one new product below, from Righteously Raw. It says it's chocolate made in an allergen-free facility out of California. I'll be emailing them later. If you've tried them, let me know!


And I bumped into these cookies in the bread section (which makes no sense
Whole Foods!), pictured above by New Moon Kitchen. They had contacted me via Twitter and are sending samples of their GF, nut free line.

Checking out a local supermarket is one of the first things I do in a new city; you can tell a lot about a person, a group or a culture by what they eat. Whole Foods in Toronto is different because it's American-based but still they had local specialties - the dairy section alone was fascinating. 

Nice to meet you, Whole Foods, Toronto!



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