Sixth Anniversary, Allergic Girl Blog

Wow. Six years. I’ve been writing this blog since August 9, 2006. And within the past six years, I created a coaching practice, wrote the first lifestyle guide for adults (Allergic Girl), continue to tour the country speaking at professional conferences, work with the government, non-profits and healthcare, food and hospitality service, all to serve one mission: connecting with and supporting the food allergic community. 

I’m truly honored to be able to do this work and it all started here with this humble blog. And you, cherished readers and friends.

So, it’s your anniversary too. And the thanks go all to you. For you readership, love and support. Thank you.

(I’m totally verklempt, now.)


Unknown said…
Congratulations Sloane! You've helped many parents of food allergic kids realize that their children can live successful lives as food allergic adults. Thank you for spreading hope as well as information. Here's to many more years of success for you!
Poker Chick said…

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