Lungs, Asthma


I’ve had asthma since I was four years old. For thirty years, I took daily medication for my asthma. Only recently did it become apparent that I didn’t need medication anymore; my asthma had gone into remission.

This past spring, I met an artist, Kai Margarida-Ramírez de Arellano. She had created a series of papel picado pieces based on the body. I thought: I’d like to celebrate a part of my body that has survived a long journey - my lungs. I'd like to exalt them, glory in them, embrace them. For even though I was sick for most of my childhood, I’m well in this moment. So, I commissioned this piece by Kai: dark blue lungs resting serenely, floating on a gold background of embossed shells.

This is my thank you. Thank you lungs, we’re both still here.

And thank you Kai for creating such a lovely piece.


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