Food Allergy Consulting: “Country Girl meets Allergic Girl”, Rootstock

In June, I was interviewed by the warm, funny and incredibly dynamic, Theresa Marquez, Mission Executive of Organic Valley. Here’s a picture of me and Theresa in the Beat Street Studio – we serendipitously wore matching outfits! 

Photography copyright Richard Bock for Organic Valley, 2013
Meanwhile, earlier that week, we dined at the Strand Bistro with Chef Kelvin at the helm.  Chef Kelvin is a graduate of the C-CAP program (where I went to speak with graduating culinarians about food allergy management), a Chopped contestant, a food allergic dude,  all-around nice person and fab chef. He was kind enough to stop by our table and say hello (and also cook my special meal and bus it to the table!). Here’s what Theresa thought about dining out with this Allergic Girl

"It turned out that Sloane had called ahead of time and the chef himself  (a healthy young, handsome man with fabulous tattoos) delivered a most delicious meal specially prepared for Sloane.  Can you find fun in your food allergy condition? You bet! In fact, those who are wanting to cook great food for your family and friends with allergies – it’s an opportunity to adventure into new ingredients and new dishes."

Photography copyright Richard Bock for Organic Valley, 2013

Thank you, Theresa Marquez and Organic Valley for an incredible week!


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