Product Review: Dark Chocolate Morsels, Enjoy Life

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Recently, one of my favorite and trusted food allergy-friendly treat manufactures, Enjoy Life Foods, released a new product: Dark Chocolate Morsels with 69% cocoa for baking. They sent me a sample of the
Dark Chocolate Morsels to try and although I haven’t yet baked with them I did taste them. And taste them again. Ahem, and again. The Dark Chocolate Morsels have a slightly fruitier taste as they are higher in cacao with a lower percentage of sugar.  But still, de-lish. 

I had an opportunity to ask Enjoy Life Foods more about this new product. Feel free to contact them directly about your food allergy needs.


Allergic Girl: Why
Dark Chocolate Morsels?

Enjoy Life Foods: We have featured semi-sweet chocolate chips for years, and about two years ago, when we introduced the Mega Chunks, we produced those in the standard semi-sweet format as well. Both products are doing extremely well in the marketplace. But our consumers kept asking for more. When we looked to introduce a third product, we saw how much people love dark chocolate, and we all know the great health benefits that Dark Chocolate offers people, so we decided this was the way to go. Early sales results indicate that we are right on target.
AG: How are they different from your Megas or Minis? For example 69% cacao, yay but what is the “normal” percentage for your chocolate chips?

ELF: The current Cacao % on our minis and megas is 52-55%.
AG: What does a higher percentage mean and why is that desirable in a chocolate confection?
ELF: The higher the percentage, the more pure chocolate in the product. One of the unique attributes of the Enjoy Life chocolate is that we do not use any soy lecithin in our product, which means more of our product is made up of pure, premium, high-quality chocolate. It is why our product tastes as good as it does, and also why it is slightly more expensive that those offered by companies using soy lecithin as a filler.
AG: How do you ensure that your chocolate is free from the top 8?
ELF: Our product is manufactured under strict guidelines to make certain that it remains Free from the Top 8 Allergens. While there is dairy in the particular facility where the product is produced, we do a double-clean out along with swabbing all equipment before and after product is produced. We also test our finished goods to make certain that there are no unstated allergens in our product.
AG: What is the ideal use for the Dark Chocolate Morsels?

ELF: People love our Dark Chocolate Morsels in all of their baked product, but we also find that people use them as a topping on yogurt, pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, etc. As well, many people love them right out of the bag. Guilty!
AG: Any recipes to share? Or links to recipes that use these Dark Chocolate Morsels?

ELF: There is a great recipe on the bag of Dark Chocolate Morsels, with more to come that will be introduced on our website,
AG: Where can we buy or find more info?

ELF: As is true with many new products, it takes awhile for the new product to end up on the store shelves. Currently, the Dark Chocolate Morsels can be found at your local independent natural food store. They will soon be on the shelf at Whole Foods as well as many other supermarkets. As is true for all of our products, they can be ordered online at


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