Recipes: Rosh Hashanah 2014

This year, the Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year celebration) dinner I hosted was my immediate family only: my mom, dad, step-mother, half-brother and a friend of his, Emily. So six people.

Here was the menu with links, everything tree nut-free and seafood free for me.

Apples and honey
Chicken with honey and cumin
Sautéed green beans with fried shallots

Everything was Allergic Girl friendly, aside from the challah and the kugel, which were not gluten-free. I’ve been anaphylactic to tree nuts and fish since childhood; I discovered a wheat, lactose and soy intolerance in 2004-2005 and since then have maintained a diet free of those items as well. There are some nice gluten-free challah options out there but nothing that really compares to the real thing, at least not that I know of, yet. Similarly, with sweet noodle kugel. I made it lactose and gluten-free one year, I was not impressed with my own results and didn’t  feel compelled to keep recipes testing.

My Rosh plate, pictured below was simply perfect for this Allergic Girl: chicken, brisket, veg and tzimmes. And a dessert I made: caramelized apple upside-down spice cake. 

My lovely Rosh plate

Apple spice cake
Especially as the gluten-full challah and kugels are a beloved holiday staple, why would I deny those pleasures to my guests and family when having them at the table does me no harm? A nutty fish loaf however would not be welcome but those too have shown up at family events and yes, I was perfectly fine.

What are you food intolerance or food allergy “rules” for your communal family table?


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