Interview: Food Allergy Counseling Client in Virginia, Working with Sloane Miller

Every day, I receive emails asking me how I work as a psychotherapist and
specialist in food allergy management. To answer this, I interviewed some current clients and asked them three simple questions:


These are the replies from Debbie from Virginia:

What brought you to counseling with me?

I read your book, “Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies” a few years ago and I felt a connection with what you were saying.  After that I periodically read your blog. I felt you had a practical, no nonsense way of approaching the challenges that food allergies often present.  When my child began experiencing anxiety regarding her own food allergies, I knew we needed professional help.  I remembered that you also did coaching.  I felt that someone who had personal experience facing some of the same challenges would best be able to help us.    After our initial phone conversation, I was completely convinced that you were the person who would be able to help our daughter. 

What did you hope to happen or change?

I simply hoped that my child’s anxiety and fear would be relieved enough she could get a good night’s sleep and that she could return to being the happy child we had always known.  
I also hoped that we as parents would learn how to help her manage the feelings she was experiencing.

What changed for you/how are things different after working with me?

I’m most happy to say that there have been enormous changes for our family.   We have a happy, self-confident child again.  The paralyzing fear and anxiety she was experiencing is gone.  We understand why certain situations cause anxious feelings and we know how to anticipate and plan for those times.  Now, when our daughter realizes she is beginning to get anxious, she has tools she can use to help calm herself.  She has learned to separate what is a real threat from a perceived threat.  She is more involved in her own care and management than ever.  This has given her a tremendous sense of confidence.    

As parents, we better understand the root of much of her anxiety and we now know how to help guide her through when things begin to get a little difficult.  You helped us to understand that food allergies don’t need to restrict our lives, we just need to simply step back, assess the situation and formulate a plan so we can enjoy whatever the activity and still maintain our food allergy safety standards.  


Thank you, Debbie!


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