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I’m always looking for things that will make our lives tastier and more fun; expand our experiences and deepen our joy. I will continue to post across my social media channels in that vein; with honestly, with clarity and with integrity. 

In my tenth blogging year, I’m striking out and trying something new: sponsored posts on my social media platforms (TwitterFacebook, Instagram and/or my newsletter).

Regarding the FTC blogger endorsement guidelines from 2009 (updated in 2015) and my post in October 2009 about how I uphold those regulations, all that I wrote remains true. 


Sponsored posts will be clearly marked and in accordance with FTC rules.

Sponsored posts will be about products/services you’ve read posts me using for years, products/services I love, products in my cupboard right now; basically, things I buy for myself.

Sponsored posts will be about products/services that suit my food allergy, allergy, asthma, eczema needs. You will always need to check with companies directly for their safety for you and your needs. And, as always, if there’s any question about a medical diagnosis, please check with your personal medical health professional.

Now, let’s get our yum on!


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