Recipe Collection: Rosh Hashanah 2016, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

Last year's Rosh table

It my favorite time of year – the Jewish New Year. It’s a truly beautiful holiday, one that is centered on taking time to reflect, atone and forgive. It’s also one of the best dinners in the Jewish calendar. Every part of the meal is based on sweetness to bring in a sweet new year.
The last few years we’ve made basically the same meal, it’s free from my allergens, everyone loves the dishes and it’s delish. Here is a roundup of the menu with links to recipes for each dish:

Apples and honey
Chicken with honey and cumin
Sautéed green beans with fried shallots

This year I may try another gluten-free, lactose-free sweet noodle kugel.
I tried it once before and didn’t love it but I going to go back in!

And instead of apple spice cake, I'm thinking I'll make a honey spice cake.

Keep your eyes peels for those new dishes and recipes.

L’shana tova!


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