Food Allergy Counseling: Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, Preparing Your Produce

My haul from Costco today

A follower on my Instagram account asked me how I eat all those luscious cupcakes and weekend pancakes and still stay slim?

And it’s true, I do eat pancakes almost every weekend and cake, cookies and/or chocolate whenever I want.

So, how do I do it?

I will be posting my strategies and thoughts on my Allergic Girl Facebook page, here on my blog and on Instagram.

Today my tip is about food prep, supporting your diet goals and setting yourself up for excellence.

I shop two or three times a month at Coscto for my fruit and veg; I eat that much fruit and veg daily.

Above is a picture of what I bought today. 

And below is a picture of what I did for about 30 minutes when I got home i.e. I washed, chopped, prepped, bagged and Tupperwared everything so it’s all nice and ready to grab.

My fridge after food prep

Need a snack? Sliced apples and oranges are ready. Want a salad? Look, one’s already made and waiting! Isn’t that glorious?

Part of the challenge when you buy a ton of fruit and veg is that they need preparation: chopping, slicing, coring, peeling, etc.. The prep can be a barrier to eating all of that wonderful produce and it can end up sitting in bags, rotting in your fridge in just a few days. All that wasted goodness, health and cash.

So, by taking some time when I get home from shopping and prepping fruits and veg, getting them closer to being ready to eat, I cut out that challenge and make it so much easier to grab a healthy snack, setting myself for excellence and supporting a health diet with healthy habits.


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