Holidays: Rosh Hashanah Recipe Round-Up, 2017

Shana tova everyone! Here is my Rosh Hashanah Recipe Round-Up, 2017.

If you’re looking for the perfect brisket recipe try this one, first cut
Or this one, the deckle or second cut of brisket which is even MORE luscious if that was possible (more fat equals more flavor).
Or even this recipe for short ribs – they are all melt in your mouth good and worth the effort. And they are all top 8 allergen-free!

*MY* Rosh Hashanah menu this year is below. I’m hosting with my mom at her house and the invitation reads in part:

What to bring:
No need to bring anything. Really! But if you feel you must, pink flowers or something to drink is always appreciate but PLEASE: no outside food! 

Years of hosting people have taught me that they wonderful intentions but not always great with label reading; too many nut-filled honey cakes or chocolate babkas have shown up at the door just to be left there. So now, it’s very clear. No need to bring anything, just yourselves. If you feel you must walk in with something, flowers or drinks are great.

Here’s my menu. Everything, as always is tree-nut free and seafood free. I’ll be making an apple crisp/crumble with blueberry recipe and will post the results.


Apples and honey 

Romaine lettuce salad 
Roasted herb chicken  
Mashed potatoes 
Seared broccoli crowns
Roasted carrots

Apple crumble 
Salted caramel sauce 
Ice cream 


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