Allergic Girl: Blog News for 2018!

Homemade classic ice cream sandwiches! 


Please Don’t Pass The Nuts blog is adding a new feature: a weekly focus on recipes and everything yummy to eat that’s #allergenfree for me (no tree nuts and no seafood) and #allergenfriendly for you, too. 

The blog has a new look as well, showcasing luscious pictures of all the yummy things I cook.

I’ll be sharing what I plan on cooking every week on Sundays here on the blog, in my free newsletter, on my social sites (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) and then I’ll be cooking it in real time on Instagram, maybe even a Facebook live, on Wednesdays.

My goal is to cook one #newthingaweek: an entree, a side dish or dessert. Bonus points to me if I do all three.

Have a cooking or baking suggestion? Drop me a line here.

And if you’re new to my Please Don’t Pass The Nuts blog, here's more about me and my blog.

Come find me on InstagramTwitter and Facebook, get my free newsletter and let's get cooking.

Happy 2018 and to a delicious new year together!


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