Recipe: Namaste Foods Scone and Muffin Mix, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free

Tea and scones, who doesn't love that? One of my favorite brands of allergen-free mixes, Namaste Foods, has a Scone & Muffin mix that I hadn't yet tried but I did this past week and made these beauties.

They have a muffin-y texture and taste, already sweetened they don't need much more but a sprinkle or sugar on top, see below, or cinnamon sugar as pictured above.

The trick here is to NOT over-mix the dough, which means, at least to me, to under-mix the wet and dry ingredients in the bowl and then finish combining the dough on your cookie sheet, form your desired scones, and bake. 

Muffins & Scone box as of May 2019

As I basically was cooking one big scone (divided into triangles), my cooking time changed to 25 minutes (versus 12-15 stated on the box’s instructions) and they turned out perfectly! I ate some that day and the next (slathered with softened butter is heaven!) and froze some, and they froze very well.

So yum, love!


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