2008 AAAAI Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

Veeeery interesting here in Philadelphia with all of these allergists. I've attended a few sessions and dozed through a few others--when doctors aka scientists get all technical frankly I can't follow them that far.

But as with all things are there has been a range of speakers and speaker styles, sizes of seminars/workshops and press briefings. On the whole, it's been stimulating to hear more about allergies and asthma from many different and highly specialized perspectives.

Three pictures from this mornings stroll through the poster and vendor section.

The first two are just to give you a sense of the pharma presence here.

The second are my strolling buddies this morning.

To the left is Scott, Director of Marketing at Achoo Allergy and Air Products. I did an interview with Achoo last month. To the right is my producer and conference companion, Joy from Health Central.


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