Stefan Aschan

You never know what new friends you will make during a weekend in the country.

Here’s with whom I dined, swam and giggled this weekend (try to refrain from licking your computer screen): Stefan Aschan.

He’s a lifestyle guru, trainer extraordinaire, nutrition expert and all around fun and healthy guy. You can find him and his services and his blog and his tips and all things fabulous at

He doesn’t know this but just from hanging out with him I was reminded of a very basic principle of living well and looking great that Euros (Stefan is Austrian) are still in touch with and that many of us non-Euros have forgotten.

Exercise isn’t a chore but it’s a way of life.

Take for example, Stefan. The minute he arrived at the house, had some lunch and a swim with yours truly, he asked the group: “Who wants to go for a bike ride?”

This Allergic Girl and her hostess both declined as we are in recovery from injuries. But the rest of the house? Every one of us declined, and this is a gym going, master cleanse doing, Zone reading group. And still, no one wanted to go for a ride in the beautiful countryside. Shocking.

So what does the professional body do? Mr. Stud-muffin went for a run and ride and a quick jump into the ocean. It wasn’t a workout, it wasn’t exercise-time, Hans & Franz weren’t pumping him up: this was life--a weekend in the country--healthy fun.

If we all (this SO includes moi) remembered to incorporate exercise into an all-around healthy and active lifestyle, making it less “exercise” and separate from our daily lives, baby-lambs, we’d all be better off and looking pretty fabulous.


Need some help getting jump started for your best bikini body? There's still time. Check out Stefan's website,, watch him on CW11 WPIX TV morning news, (you can hear his lovely "ahk-cent") or better yet book him to train you today!


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