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I’ve been talking about ginger ale for a while on this blog as my mocktail of choice (but not with egg whites thank you not so much Flatiron Lounge).

At home during the winter months, I drink a cup of ginger tea with raw honey daily; in summer I keep ginger lemonade sitting in the fridge mixed with either agave or maple syrup for sweetener.

This week the New York Times did an article on how ginger ale is sweeping the nation’s bars with its spicy goodness. (Might also be why Pete Wells was asking on for ginger juice near Port Authority last week, funny.)

Here's the link to the New York Times article and here's their ginger ale recipe.

My version: I use peeled, sliced fresh ginger, lemon, agave or maple syrups and mint if I have some around. Garnish with organic crystallized ginger, oh boy!


Not yet a ginger fan? Ginger is a rhizome (a root); great for upset tummies and supposedly has antibacterial effects i.e. can help your immune system fight off colds and such. It’s cheap, stores well and long outside of fridge, can be used in cooking both sweet or savory dishes.

So get your ginger on, fresh ginger ale is a great way to start.


Kelly said…
gosh, that ginger lemonade sounds divine! so much healthier and yummier than the country time in my fridge!
I LOVE ginger! Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to try that lemonade recipe for sure. Right now I'm obsessed with Gingerade Kombucha. My husband will be happy if I can make my own ginger drink and save that $4.00 a bottle :)
Ah, but beware the "Chicago ginger ale"--a bartender recently confessed that many bars don't actually have ginger ale, but if someone orders it they will give them soda with a splash of Coke!

Just goes to show how vigilant we have to remain.

Kairol Rosenthal

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