Dyson Vacuum, Allergens

Recently, I received a Dyson Ball DC24 vacuum through Dyson via Asthma & Allergy Friendly. (Disclosure: Asthma & Allergy Friendly has generously supported my Worry-Free Dinners programs with allergy-friendly donations in the past.) I already have two vacuums: a huge Hoover, with no-bag technology but heavy, unwieldy and with a square nose like a hammerhead shark; and a small more compact, bagged Eureka vacuum that gets dragged all over the place like a whiny little sibling.

As an Allergic Girl, one who has asthma (in remission, thankfully), I keep my home as dust-free as possible: no animals, natch and friends take off their shoes at the door (thanks, friends!). I have two silk Orientals: an area rug and a throw rug; and there’s a cotton rug in the bathroom that gets washed regularly. The rest of my space is parquet flooring. I wash my bedding every week and the surfaces are dusted weekly. I keep my windows open year round, so soot collects quickly but that’s where cleaning weekly comes in. Basically, the Dyson was entering a home that is pretty low-dust, low allergen.

I read the Dyson instructions and watched as it rolled it over my entryway throw rug. The mini-cyclone in the canister registered some tiny red dust bunnies. Hmm. I rolled it over the parquet floor, heard that crunch crunch as some larger stones collected, gravel probably from road work outside brought into my room on someone’s shoes (who didn’t take off their shoes?). Dyson and I continued through the apartment, turning corners with ease, swiveling, all the while the cyclone picking up a little more dust and tornadoing it into red mini-tumbleweeds. (My silk rugs are red.) The dust was whirling around so fast it almost seems like it wasn't working, but it was.

Upshot: after three weeks vacuuming weekly with Sir Dys-A-Lot, my big area rug was definitely cleaner. When using the Eureka , I noticed visible particles left behind; when using the Hoover, it pulled perfectly clean fibers out of my silk rug unnecessarily, so the rug looked cleaner but shorn. As you can see and read, much thought was put into re-envisioning this vacuum. The Dyson canister opens from the bottom, thus with a flick of the finger, the bottom drops out. Dust is deposited directly into the dustbin. For comparison’s sake, the Hoover, which is also bagless, is top loaded; you have to upturn it to get rid of the dust, thus spreading the dusty love all over the garbage and elsewhere. I do love that design point of Dyson’s as well as its curve- turning capability, its compact lightweight nature and yeah, it does just look really cool.

I have only used the Dyson’s three times. I'll have to check back in in a year to see how it held up. However, for now, it has made my other vacuums obsolete. Yesterday, I gave away the Hoover and the Eureka will be retired/recycled this week. Thank you Dyson. I look forward to many happy hours of vacuuming.

Do you any of you have the Dyson or another vacuum that helps with your allergies? Do tell.


Unknown said…
Hi, Sloane - I have had a Dyson for about three years. I do have animals, so it takes a lot of abuse! So far, so good - the only thing is that, after a while, even with emptying it after each use, it starts to smell a bit musty. You have to take it apart and clean the filter, but that does the trick.
The "suck-power" has not decreased with time, and I still like it!
Allergic Girl® said…
thx laura. yeah difficult to tell how it will handle over time so nice to hear. btw direction say wash the filter monthly i think.
Unknown said…
We have one - the lightweight model the item # escapes me - and we like it a lot! I was amazed (and grossed out) when I used it right after using my other vacuum. The canister was full of stuff my old vacuum didn't get! I'll stick with dyson now :)
Unknown said…
My husband is allergic to cats, and my mom has a cat. Every time we visited my mom, my husband quckly started to have problems with his asthma. She bought a Dyson vaccum, and vacuumed the house thoroughly. The the next time we visited, my husband went days before he had any problems. It was such a difference. I was sold on the Dyson from then on!

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