Kissing, Allergic Living Magazine

Allergic Living, a magazine just for the food allergic and food intolerant community out of Canada has done an article on kissing and food allergies/celiac disease. Here’s a teaser that readers of this blog may recognize as part of the story I relayed over the summer):

“Ninety-nine per cent of the time, [Sloane] could rattle off in her sleep safety measures for such a situation, but that evening she was rattled, period. “Here I am, in my 30s and pretty capable when it comes to my allergies. But covered in hives and wheezing, I definitely had a moment of: ‘What do I do first here?’”

For more, check out Allergic Living.


Anonymous said…
Thank god, my son is not the age of kissing yet but I do worry about it!

And thanks for the reminder about Allergic Living--just subscribed!!

Have a wonderful healthy, SAFE year :)
Allergic Girl® said…
of course. i love this magazine, it's so cool that we have one all for us!
South Slope said…
Hi Sloane! Nice to read a 2010 post from you. Kissing...what age does this begin? Yikes! - Heidi
Allergic Girl® said…
haha! soon for your little one, she's officially a tween. it's coming up fast.
GwenS said…
Happy New Year, Sloane!
Thanks much again for contributing your advice - and personal experience - to our Dating/Kissing w Allergies/Celiac article.

Gwen at
Jenny said…
I love Allergic Living magazine and your contribution to the article was great. Thanks for your honesty and openess about all sorts of allergy-related issues!


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