Kikoman Soy Sauce

Was it the soy?

Was it the wheat?

It was a two day stomach issue (blech) regardless.

Need to do more research on the separate components. For now though, really no soy sauce. That one doesn't get crossed off the food challenge list.


Gretchen said…
When you get around to trying soy again, if you want to challenge soy sauce without wheat, there are many brands of wheat free soy sauce and tamari. Bragg's liquid aminos are also a soy-only substitute for soy sauce.

Tamari and wheat-free soy sauce both have an odd metallic taste. Bragg's don't have that strange taste but don't taste as full and rounded as soy sauce made with wheat.

I have also recently tried coconut aminos, which are made entirely out of coconut sap and sea salt, and which have the rounded full taste of soy sauce but taste a bit sweet to me. They're probably the closest sub taste-wise that I've tried so far, and I've tried them out on a friend who has soy sauce regularly, unlike me, and she liked the taste very much.

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