Thank you, Allergy Moms

Two weekends ago, I had the good fortune to hang out with über-allergy mom, Heidi and her family in Brooklyn. We had a lovely lunch at one of their safe spots: La Fonda, authentic Mexican food, opened by the former executive chef of Rose Mexicano. It was muy delicioso. Heidi had done a triple check to ensure the lunch was safe for her allergic family of three and this Allergic Girl. She emailed, called and even stopped in to talk with the chef about everyone's food allergies. So wonderful and I so appreciated it. Thank you Heidi!

For the two weeks since then, I’ve been thinking about all of the hard-working, motivated, outspoken, loving, warm, funny and caring food allergy moms I’ve met through this blog, through Worry-Free Dinners, through my coaching program, through Twitter and the FA moms I see every year at food shows and FAAN conferences. So many this past Saturday in Tarrytown, it was an allergy mom/activist fest - my head is still spinning.

I’m constantly moved each and every one of you; by how you all work so hard to make the world safe for your food allergic family members, how much you've all accomplished thus far and how there's even more on the way.

I’m also deeply touched by how often you allergy moms extend the umbrella of food allergy care and warmth to me – this grown-up Allergic Girl. So many of you have taken me into your lives, your homes and your hearts – I am truly honored.

So on this Mother’s Day, I want to extend a sincere *Thank You* to all of the food allergy moms out there for your love and support, professionally and personally.

And of course, a special thank you to my food allergic mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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