Food Allergies, Paris

The below is from an Allergic Girl blog reader and food allergy mom doing her due diligence before a trip to Paris with her food allergic child and not turning up a whole lot.

"We are on our way to Paris this summer. I have a 7 year old with severe tree nut, peanut, sesame, lentil and chickpea allergies. We will have cards printed from SelectWisely. In addition, I would love to connect with allergy groups in France (if that even exists) to help us with finding accommodating restaurants, bakeries and the like. I have already done an extensive internet search but turned up very, very little. Any other ideas?"


Here were my first thoughts:

-When I travel to Paris, I rent a small apartment with a kitchenette and do a lot of food shopping myself. It's really the best way if you can manage it as the grocery stores and open markets are wonderful! [NB: she wrote to say they are doing exactly that.]

-The tips in this Conde Nast Traveler interview will give you some more pointers [just substitute France for Thailand].

-David Lebovitz has some great general Frenchy tips.

-Also David has some gluten-free dining suggestions, which won't necessarily help with peanut and tree nut allergies but it may be a place to start.


Are you in Paris or have you been recently and ate somewhere wonderful? Do you have any other Frenchy dining suggestions? If yes, please post them here for all of us!


Allergic Girl® said…

My name is Deborah Brown Pivain and I am the owner of the Gentle Gourmet B&B in Paris which is a vegan b&b, dinner party venue and cooking school. As vegans we are keenly aware of the difficulty eating, be it at home, in a restaurant or while traveling due to our special dietary needs. When we opened last year we decided that in addition to offering vegan food we would offer vegan food suitable for different dietary requirements , including non-gluten, non-soy sugar-free and also nut-free even for those with severe nut allergies. We view it as a form of solidarity with others faced with the challenge of trying to live life pleasantly and enjoyably despite dietary restrictions.

This year I had three experiences with families having children with moderate to very severe food allergies and I felt overjoyed to provide these families with a beautiful b&b accomodation in Paris and the carefreeness for them of having meals and picnics prepared especially for them. I would really like to market this more as I saw how grateful the mothers were to actually be able to be on vacation and not have to cook and search every day for appropriate meals. This also goes for adults who would like to just travel and relax and have good food like everyone else.

Bonne soiree!

We re planning a trip to Paris in June and have a daughter with severe peanut and tree nut allergies and several other allergies.
I would appreciate any suggestions regarding safe places to eat in Paris
Mary said…
We're heading to Paris in July also, with a seven-year-old boy allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, and sunflower. I would love to follow up with the first poster, to see what she's discovered -- any chance you could ask her for an update? Thanks so much.

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