New Thing a Week

I talk about this all the time when coaching, when meeting new people and just out and about but have I not talked about it on Allergic Girl yet? Oh dear.

Well, here it is: I try a new thing a week.

My categories are broad: a new product from a trusted allergen-free manufacturer, a new restaurant, a new dish at a trusted restaurant, or a new food from a trusted food group.

For example, if I can eat cabbage then why not Napa cabbage? Gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free and tree nut free Kinnikinnick is coming out with a new cookie? Oh yes, I’m trying that.

When you have a diet that’s restricted by reacting adversely to certain foods i.e. you have a list of foods that you must avoid (for me, all tree nuts, fish, shellfish, some fruits and veggies) then you can feel rather restricted. One way out of the that pauvre-moi box is to add foods back in or expand your diet, smartly and safely.

Work with your allergist, GI, RD or food allergy coach before you start throwing stuff back into your diet. And yes, I go into deeper details about how to do all this in Allergic Girl, available for pre-order soon.


This week, I discovered something totally new and cool at the famer’s market, a weekly source of new and cool foods – a tomato in a husk. (This week and next are its very short peak season in New York state.)

It’s not a gooseberry and it’s not a tomatillo but it is in a papery husk. It grows on a bush, not on a vine, and it's genetically part of the tomato family. The fruit, tomatoes are fruits, was a tiny orange orb, full of sugar and sunshine. As I’m generally OK with tomatoes -- sometimes they bother my mouth and throat (Oral Allergy Syndrome) but it's not a severe nor life threatening allergy -- I tried one. My goodness it was good, different, and totally new.

I'll be exploring my new things a week here and on the You Tube channel I created just for us.

Have you tried something new and wonderful? Let me know!


Julie Keen said…
One of the organic farms at our local farmer's market has these, and calls them "husk cherries". We got them last week for the first time, and I went back this week specifically to get them again!!

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