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Tea, for me, is a basic food group. I know for a lot of you chocolate is or coffee or wine or fried foods; tea is mine.

I was raised on tea. Tea was my favorite drink in my baby bottle with lots of milk and sugar (and yes, I remember it). It’s the first thing I grab in the morning. It’s the last drink I have at night. When I’m feeling wheezy: tea. When I’m feeling blue: tea. When I need a boost in the afternoon: tea.

Recently, Republic of Tea sent me a new flavor to try, a winner this one. Organic Turmeric and Ginger. During the winter months, I add a cup of ginger tea with raw honey to my daily black tea intake. I either make my own tisane with fresh ginger, cinnamon, and garlic, something an ex-boyfriend, Henry, used to make for me when I was feeling under the weather. Yum. So, I was super excited about this Organic Turmeric and Ginger tea. It’s yellow when brewed, from the turmeric, spicy from the ginger with some smoothness from added dried honey. Its tea base is green, antioxidant filled and low-caf.

I asked Republic of Tea about their allergen policies as they have one tea line with natural almond flavor. Here’s their official stance:

Allergens: Republic of Tea ’s Full Leaf Round Eco-Friendly Tea Bag and Eco Iced Tea Brew Bag is made of a biodegradable mesh material made from a corn byproduct. Research shows the protein that causes corn allergies is removed during the making of this product but, as everyone is affected differently by allergens, Citizens should be aware. Stringent internal allergen control methods are in place to eliminate cross contamination, with Ministers (employees) trained annually to assure adherence to policy. With the exception of natural almond flavoring used in a small number of teas, none of the natural flavorings used contain allergens. Again, as with all packaged foods, Citizens should always review labels carefully to check for possible allergens. Further, The Republic of Tea is a latex-free facility, where only vinyl food-grade gloves are used when handling product.

Republic of Tea has a very clear HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) in place but if you have any questions, I urge you to reach out them and discuss it. Here is the Republic of Tea contact page.

In the meantime, I'm off to have another cuppa thanks to Republic of Tea .


Willow said…
I have a corn allergy, so I'm interested to hear that some tea bags are made from corn by-products. I heard it first here!

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