Easy Gluten-Free by Thompson and Brown

The American Dietetic Association (eatright.org) in conjunction with John Wiley & Sons has put out a very easy, clear and concise guide to eating gluten-free. [Full disclosure: Marlisa Brown is a colleague and Wiley is also my publisher.]

If you're newly diagnosed or looking for a book for a loved one who is newly diagnosed, Easy Gluten-Free will give you a very clear guide to celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or dermatitis herpetiformis and then walk you through nutritionally sound recipes for a full meal.

I made two recipes from the book, baked pears with Redwood Hill Farm goat’s milk kefir (my own variation) and their rice pudding (again I played with it, did it with less sugar, non-fat milk and all quinoa). So good and super easy. In addition, I loved that recipes came with nutritional information.

Easy Gluten-Free is not a replacement for a visit to a board certified gastroenterologist nor a knowledgeable registered dietician, no book is, but will make a great companion once you do have a diagnosis.

Well done laides, thank you!


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