Questions & Answers about Allergic Girl

Want to know what my book Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well With Food Allergies is about? Watch this short Q&A and pass it along:


Trina Jo said…
Just picked up your book (haven't started it yet), but have been reading your blog for the past couple hours. As a 25 year old with newly diagnosed food allergies (wheat, dairy, shellfish, peanuts, seeds, and more popping up weekly), I've found hope in your blog, and a semblance of calm in myself. Thank you for your dedication to the food allergy world. - Trina
Unknown said…
Hi Sloane,
Are you aware of a local chain of water ice franchises called "Rita's water ice?" They have been the only place our nut allergic 9 year old daughter could get dessert away from home for many years. In the last few weeks they have introduced a chocolate peanut butter water ice which basically makes everything dangerous there now. So, we've eliminated it from our routine, with my daughter pretty upset about it. I've emailed the co. and received the standard answer that cross-contam may occur. I've also let the local Delaware support group know, so others have
contacted the co also. Do you have any further advice on how to handle the situation?


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