Spanish Rice And Beans, Eden Foods

I discovered Eden Foods’s handy rice and beans canned combo sometime last year and I fell in love. Already cooked, vegan, organic, gluten-free rice and beans in can. I know sounds weird, but for a quick lunch at the office (or when you’re writing a book and don’t take any breaks for lunch) these cans fit the bill.

Recently, Eden Foods sent me a new flavor to try: Spanish rice and beans - it was totally yum.

I’ve been eating Eden Foods products without issue for years (the Eden Foods beans and rice only relatively recently) and when I looked at the Eden Foodssite I was surprised not to see ANY food allergy info. I dug around and did find something about wheat/gluten issues, but for nuts, sesame, dairy, egg, for example, nothing.

Eden Foods: can you fix this? Food allergen information on your corporate site would help so many of us use your products with confidence.

Also, as a frequent Eden Foods eater, I have a suggestion. I travel with these cans (and a can opener). I’d love cans with a pull-top or better yet can with a pull top that are single service sizes (used from recyclable metals, natch) or enviro -friendly pouches.


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