FAAN Walk Ridgewood, NJ, 2011

What a fun day at the FAAN Walk in Ridgewood, NJ. Here are some pictures of this fund raising day!

Me and the walk with my book at my booth and my new TEAM ALLERGIC GIRL T-Shirt (also for sale, more on that soon.)

National Sponsors, Dey, makers of EpiPen:

Other supporting sponsors.



Rebecca helping out Enjoy Life Foods:

Cherrybrook Kitchen:

There were games on site:

There were also relay races:

Here's me and honorary Medical Chair, Dr Jennifer Sherman (and little Sherman):

Me and the fab Miss Teen New Jersey (who has celiac disease):

And finally, me and the National FAAN Walks Chair, the unsinkable Julie Forrest:

Thank you, Ridegwood!


Anonymous said…
I participated in the Walk to Axe Anaphylaxis in Toronto, Canada. It was started 3 years ago by a 13 year old girl with food allergies. She wanted to raise awareness and money for allergy research for her birthday. She raised 40,000 the first year! I was honoured to meet her and Sara Shannon (mother of Sabrina Shannon, Sabrina's Law was named after her- a law in Ontario that protects children with anaphylaxis)I also wrote a post for my blog covering the event. Want to let you know how much I enjoyed your book, Allergic Girl. You are truly inspiring...my goals this year are add travelling and eating out in restaurants with my family. My eldest son has allergies to dairy,egg,beef,sesame,fish,shellfish,peanuts/tree nuts,raspberry and mustard and my youngest to peanut/tree nuts. It has been challenging to say the least. Thank you for giving me the courage to 'step outside the box'! Susan H. @ the food allergy chronicles

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