E-chapters, Allergic Girl

My publisher John Wiley and Sons  has launched downloadable e-chapters of my book. For only $1.50! 

The chapters compromise two of the hottest topics in the food allergy community: 
-Family and food allergies (especially extended members that don't "get it") 
-Dating with food allergies.

You can buy the e-chapters separately or buy one of each. You can even buy them and send an e-chapter to friends, family or romantic partners to help them get to know you better and how to support you! 

The e-chapters will give strategies to use in the here and now with those around you about your or your family's food allergy needs. 

Also, these e-chapters will give you a taste of who I am, what this Allergic Girl book is about and if you might find the rest of the book helpful and informative, which I, of course, hope is yes!

You can get download the e-chapters through Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.com

There are even copies of these e-chapters for the AARP community -  a great read for grandparents who want to be the best food allergy caregivers possible!


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