Chai Dao, Wusthof Knife

As my diet is vegetarian whilst I’m at home or in my home office, I chop, dice, slice, mince and otherwise cut veggies and fruits for almost every meal and snack multiple times a day.  I need and love a good knife. So when Wüsthof sent me a sample of their latest creation, a Classic 7-inch Chai Dao, I couldn't wait to give it a spin.

I love this knife for two main reasons. First, the handle is slightly wider which seems perfect for a feminine hand. Now, my hands aren’t tiny (I’m a size 6.5 ring finger), but often I need to grip the handle higher up, closer to the blade. Which after a time, can be uncomfortable. This handle side and shape seems made for me, the width is somehow more comfortable. And speaking of wide, the wider blade is perfect for smashing garlic with the heel of your palm without a worry about accidentally hitting the sharp end on a narrower blade as well transporting that smashed garlic en mass to the saute pan.

Here’s what Wüsthof has to say about their knife: "Inspired by the traditional design of a Chinese Cleaver, which is called a Cai Dao, Wüsthof's distinctively shaped Classic 7-inch Chai Dao features a wide blade with a razor-sharp fine edge that curves dramatically upwards as it nears the knife's squared-off tip. The blade's curvy profile - which is in sharp contrast to the perfectly straight blade style of the popular, Asian-style Nakiri knife - allows chefs and home cooks to quickly mince, chop, dice, and slice a myriad of ingredients by employing an effortless "rocking" motion on cutting boards. The Classic 7-inch Chai Dao's wide blade surface also makes it easier to scrape and carry prepped ingredients from the chopping block to pans, bowls and other vessels. The wider blade also makes the knife an ideal tool for smashing and crushing aromatics, such as garlic, ginger, and lemongrass. While primarily designed for prepping vegetables and fruits, the agile and versatile Classic 7-inch Chai Dao has the power and heft to be able to easily transition from slicing paper-thin shallots to cubing tough cuts of beef."

I use this Wüsthof knife every day and it makes my veggie and fruit processing that much quicker and easier. Love! Thank you, Wüsthof.


Now, here's possibly the best part: Wüsthof is giving away one knife - valued at $135.00 - through a Facebook contest on my Allergic Girl by Sloane Miller page. 

How to enter and rules: Go to the Facebook Wüsthof page, “Like” their page *and* make a comment about your favorite kitchen knife and/or what your dream kitchen knife would be like. And let me know that you did on my Allergic Girl by Sloane Miller page.

The contest is open for 24 hours from when posted on my Allergic Girl by Sloane Miller Facebook page, winners are picked using a random sequencer on and entries are limited to residents in the 50 United States.

Good luck!


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