Allergen-Friendly Chipwiches


At my first dinner part of the fall season I had both Kosher guests and dairy allergic guests and a planned to make chipwiches  i.e. vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies rolled in more chocolate chips. So what to do? Why make two versions of course. And even easier, the ice cream one was a do-it-yourself chipwich station.

The chocolate chip cookie “recipe” was from a mix, King Arthur Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. They do contain eggs otherwise are free from gluten, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, soy and dairy. *If you are egg free, King Arthur has suggestions on egg-replacement options.* I used Spectrum organic palm shortening instead of butter.  Enjoy Life mega chunks for the chocolate. The frosting was the "buttercream" recipe on the box of Domino's Confectioners Sugar substituting palm shortening for butter and rice milk for milk. And the extra kick was Tahitian vanilla from Nieslen-Massey. Et voila, a Kosher-ready, dairy-free "chipwich style" dessert!

I assembled the dairy-free version first earlier in the day and served those people first, placing the covered platter with a diary-free sticker on it in the fridge to ensure absolutely no dairy confusion. Then I placed a platter of a few dozen cookies, Hagan Daaz vanilla ice cream with scooper, a bowl full of mini chips and lots of napkins on the table and let everyone go to town. Beyond delicious and fun and easy to make.


Rose said…
These sound delicious! I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy last year and I'm still learning what is out there. I am going to try these but instead of the buttercream recipe I am going to use dairy free Toffuti Vanilla ice cream. Thanks for sharing!!

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