Cater to Guests Gluten-Free by Linda Freeman

*Update March 2103 : the article is no longer online.*

Dear friend Linda Freeman (also the founder and president of the Celiac Disease Foundation Hudson Valley N.Y. Chapter ) penned this article, "Cater to Guests Gluten-Free", recently about hosting gluten-free guests (Disclosure: I’m quoted within the article). Even though her focus is on the celiac and gluten-free community, she has some excellent and poignant advice for anyone who wants to host a loved one with a dietary restriction. My favorite quote: “Please be aware that your guests may be uncomfortable asking for special consideration and will be grateful if you broach the subject with them. Don’t assume you understand, either. At a dinner party, a host told me, “Trust me, I wouldn’t give you anything you can’t eat.” Asking your guests to trust you puts them in an uncomfortable position of having to choose between offending you and being sure they are eating safely.” Well said, Linda! Read the entire article here.


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