King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour Mixes: Label Change

I love the King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour line of mixes, precisely because they are made in a facility free from the top eight allergens as identified by the US Food And Drug Administration.  So, I was surprised to read from an Allergic Girl Facebook page visitor that King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour labels had changed; produced in a top 8 facility was no long there.  Here are the old and new labels side by side.

So what actually changed?  Here’s what a King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour company spokesperson stated:  

“The facility we manufacture our Certified Gluten Free mixes in does not bring any of the top 8 allergens into its facility.  Our mixes are not tested for each specific allergen, only Gluten.  As there is always a risk for cross contamination outside the facility, our Food Safety team, out of true transparency and an overabundance of caution, decided to remove the “allergen free” statement.”

Here’s more information about King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour mixes. And here’s how to contact them directly about your personal needs.

Thank you, King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour for creating a delicious and safe product and for clarifying your labeling to reflect your manufacturing and testing capabilities.


Keeley McGuire said…
This is the email I was sent after posing the question to my contacts at KAF (hope it helps some of your readers too):

"Thanks for asking, and sorry for the delay. I wanted to make certain I had the right information before I shared it with you.

Nothing has changed in practice. The products are still produced in the same facility in the same manner. The facility does not process products containing the Top 8 and does not allow them into the warehouse or manufacturing area. The only difference is that we realized we were making claims on the label that could not be supported with third party certification. Because we do not actually certify that the Top 8 are not in the facility, we removed the claim.

I hope that helps."

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