Chobani: Chobani Greek Yogurt and Food Allergens

Chobani had a major influx of cash and huge plant expansion last year (see the New York Times: U.S. Hunger for Yogurt Leads to Gigantic Factory). Chobani  built new facilities and have been aggressively expanding their line of offerings in the Greek yogurt category. I wrote about their expansion and my new favorite flavor, banana

With all of this expansion, allergens, specifically tree-nuts, have been added to the Chobani Flip lines. Concerned about a higher possibility of cross contact or contamination with one of my safe go-to snacks (especially running around in between meetings in New York City or when traveling elsewhere for speaking engagements) I contacted Chobani irectly for more information. Here's what they said.

"All of our Flip products and blended Chobani flavors are produced in our new Twin Falls, Idaho plant, but are absolutely kept from one another in production. There is no cross-contamination. Our fruit-on-the-bottom Chobani flavors are primarily produced in our Central New York plant, with some additional production in Twin Falls, Idaho, and we follow the same rigorous standards to avoid cross-contamination." 

In order to protect our customers, we have a comprehensive allergen program that includes segregated storage, clear labeling, and extensive training. Additionally, all products containing tree nuts are produced in a special room, away from other products.

Any consumer with additional specific questions is welcome to contact our customer loyalty team at (877) 847-6181."

Thank you Chobani for clarifying your allergens statement!


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