Gluten-Free, Nut-Free Coffee Cake Recipe

It’s been a long time since I’ve had coffeecake with streusel toping (I've been wheat-free since 2005, tree nut-allergic and thus nut-free since I was two) so I was super excited when King Arthur Flour sent me a sample of their new all-purpose gluten-free baking mix. Here is the nutritional information from the King Arthur Gluten-Free website. As it says on the King Arthur Gluten-Free website: “Made in a facility that does not process the top eight allergens.” However, the company told me directly that they only test for gluten and they recently had a label change to reflect that, see my blog post here. Please contact them directly about your dietary needs.

So, the review: this mix produced a delicious coffeecake! I made them as muffins instead of one large cake as muffins are a great way to keep things portion-size. The texture tastes and feels like a "real" muffin, slightly spongey with a nice crumb. The cake also had the right touch of toothiness, albeit on the lighter side, as many GF products are. The streusel, which is also made from the mix, has an edge of saltiness, from the leavening agent, I believe. Not unpleasant, and most testers didn't even notice it, but I made a note of it. Also the recipe as I made it (see below) was definitely a little greasy, as in there was an oil slick in the muffin tin once I took them out. Again, not unpleasant and the cakes were indeed very moist, but something to note. Speaking of testers, at brunch this past Sunday and during Pilates on Monday, I brought some to my tastes testers, none of who have any dietary restrictions. My testers unanimously loved the coffeecake muffin, saying they wouldn’t have known it was gluten-free if I hadn’t told them. They would be happy if I served that at a brunch and they'd be happy if I brought them more samples.

Here's the recipe from the King Arthur website.

Notes on the mix: I followed the directions on the package, making them lactose-free, using Spectrum Organic Palm Shortening for the streusel and Lucini Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the cake and Organic Valley 2% lactose-free milk. I’m sure you could make them completely dairy-free by substituting any of the dairy-free “milks” (soy, rice, oat, hemp, etc.). I used Sugar In The Raw for both streusel and cake. I also measured out by grams on a kitchen scale to get precise measurements. My muffin yield, using a quarter cup measure (not in grams), was only nine muffins, not 12 as the recipe indicated. Next time, I'd use a scant quarter cup to fill my tins. And you must let them cool at least ten minutes before moving them, the topping will slide right off if you try to move them before cooling.

Here are the ingredients I used

Here they are going in

Here they are coming out

I look forward to playing with this mix further. But so far, these coffeecake muffins were a complete hit. Great job, King Arthur!


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