Product Review: King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Doughnut Mix

When I was little, there was a butcher store near our country home called Dressen’s that my parents would take me to for powdered doughnuts  - the deep fried variety. I have very specific food memories of their texture and taste: fresh fluffy cake, with a deep fried edge of brown dough, covered in layers of powdered sugar was so thick, it would get everywhere. Part of a child's delight. In the same area, there was another doughnut that competed for my attentions: the apple cider doughnuts made at the Milk PailThere were sold in a pack of a dozen, in a plastic bag, also light and cakey, with the deep brown deep fried crust and color. But no powered sugar. I liked them equally.

In 2000, when I was still eating wheat (I’ve been wheat free since 2005 due to an intolerance), my then boyfriend (Henry in my book: Allergic Girl) would bring me boxes of Krispy Kremes. Wow, did I love those – deeply vanilla scented dough, not cakey but soft and sweet with a slick white vanilla glaze. We’d inhale half a dozen before we even got home. 

However, I haven’t had a wheat-based doughnut since 2005. Really. So, when I saw one of my favorite allergen-friendly companies, King Arthur Flour came out with a doughnut mix, I had to try. King Arthur Flour was kind enough to send me samples to try and try I did.

Here’s the ingredient labelI made the recipe as directed, using Organic Valley organic butter and Organic Valley organic lactose-free 2% milk.

The cake was light and yellow with an excellent crumb. It reminded me of Dressen's doughnuts without the deep fried crust. It even smelled doughnutty. The texture wasn’t grainy or dry, which can happen with GF. It was moist, light. And even though baked, tasted decadent.

Since I haven’t eaten wheat regularly since 2005, my taste buds have changed. So, I gave doughnuts to two wheat-eaters, who devoured the samples. They said it tasted very close to the real thing and they would happily serve to guests. I gobbled three during taste testing and then two after lunch yesterday. 

Irresistible is my verdict!

Thank you, King Arthur Flour for making another hit.


A note about allergens: King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free regularly tests for gluten in their dedicated facility. This facility is also free from the top 8 allergens, however they do not test for any allergens outside of wheat. If you have questions about your needs, please contact them directly.


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