Allergic Girl Recipe: "Kalesadilla" with Black Beans, Nut-Free, Gluten-free

 "Kalesadilla" with Black Beans, Nut-Free, Gluten-free

My new date wanted to cook for me. Lovely! He has no restrictions, and rarely had read labels before meeting me. We had a series of clear and direct conversations about my allergens and needs, how to read labels, cross contact in the kitchen and what I like to eat. He's taken to the challenge of cooking for a date with food allergies and food intolerances like duck to water. (It greatly helps that he loves to cook and had worked in restaurants during college; he also knows his way around a kitchen.) 

I had seen Simply Recipes dish that Elise called “Kalesadilla”. It looked yum, easy to make tiny modifications for my needs and I had all of the ingredients in my larder and fridge. I mentioned the concept to my date and he started cooking, no recipe and not having seen what Elise on Simply Recipes created but instead, making some super, duper Allergic Girl friendly (and probably you, too) delish dish.

He made a bean-free version first, including all the below steps minus beans.

Original version.

Which we both loved but agreed that it needed a protein. So, then he created the version from above with recipe below.

Speaking of, there’s no formal recipe, but it’s a matter of putting these things together in a way that you need. Can't do cheese, sub a dairy-free option. Can't do beans, sub a safe protein for you, chicken, steak or soy. Don't have kale but only spinach or broccoli? Those'll work just fine here.


"Kalesadilla" with Black Beans, Nut-Free, Gluten-free
(Adapted from Simply Recipes) 

Corn tortillas – warmed through in a pan with EVOO
Chopped red onion – sautéed with EVOO, salt, pepper and dried oregano
Baby kale chopped – added to the onions, sweated
Black beans – one can drained and rinse, added to onion kale mixture
Cheese – chopped and melted onto warmed tortillas

Put it all together. Add a lovely salad and voila, lunch!


Elise said…
Sounds absolutely lovely! And healthy too.

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