Recipe: Gluten-free, Nut-Free, Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

How have I not posted about this before? I’m correcting that right now. A few years back, I made some raw cookie dough from the King Arthur Gluten-Free mix and loved it (you can also see the gorgeous Mega Chunks from Enjoy Life Foods). I made the mix into cookies and then chipwiches

One night, I thought what if I baked this entire bowl of raw cookie dough in a pie or cake pan, what would happen? Why a delicious blondie, cookie pie concoction that is way easier than scooping out individual cookies, that’s what would happen!

Here’s the raw cookie dough.
Raw cookie dough
Here’s the dough spread out in a pan.

Cookie dough spread out in a pan to make a "pie"

Here the cookie pie in a 9 inch square cake pan all cooked.

Cooked and cooling cookie "pie"

My recipe: line a pan with parchment paper or butter, make the dough according to the directions on box (or from your fave cookie recipe), bake at preheated 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until fragrant and brown at edges. Cool on a rack. Slice and share!


About King Arthur Gluten-Free mixes from a representative:

King Arthur Flour’s certified gluten-free blends and mixes do not have any of the U.S. top 8 allergens added to them as ingredients, and are produced in a facility which has a robust allergen control program in place. King Arthur Flour only tests for the presence of wheat in these products, and can’t guarantee they never come in contact with allergens, for instance, during shipping or storage.  When applicable, a validation procedure is followed to check against contact of the U.S. top 8 allergens with environmental surfaces used in the production of our gluten-free blends and mixes. This process includes cleanout and testing of those surfaces, but not allergen testing of the products themselves.


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