Allergic Girl Blog: First Time Here?

I was inspired to write a "First Time Here” post this post after seeing it on another blog: Dinner: A love Story. Especially as this my tenth year blogging (wow, I know!) and the blog has grown over the years, as have I, I thought: I really need to do this now. So here, goes.

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Want to know all about me and about severe life threatening food allergies and how I can help you? Read my book Allergic Girl (Wiley, 2011). You’ll get to know me, my life with severe life threatening food allergies and how, as an adult, I handle life, dating, working traveling and living, all safely and while still having fun and how you can, too!

I’ve had food allergies since infancy and asthma and allergies since childhood. I am anaphylactically allergic to all tree nuts and salmon; I avoid all fish and shellfish. I’m also allergic to eggplant and some types of melons and have OAS to other fruits and veggies when the season hits. I’m an asthma girl which is currently in remission, unless you put an animal in my lap (please don’t put an animal in my lap). I have environmental allergies year round and eczema (mostly in winter). After a lifetime on daily medication for asthma and allergies, I currently take nothing, unless I need to, as directed by my board certified medical professional.

I have food intolerances and those are completely new. Wheat and soy (and sometimes diary) do not agree with my stomach, at all, and since 2004, I’ve eliminated those items from my diet. It was a struggle at first; I could have easily lived on bread with butter, they're delicious together! But as I was so tummy-ill, I had to eliminate and adjust and I did. All of my recipes are free from my allergens *and* my intolerances. You can search in my blog under the recipes tag and you will find lots of good, easy recipes that are also free-from.

I’m a healthy adult. And that statement does not conflict with above paragraphs. You can manage atopic disease  - asthma, allergies, food allergies and eczema - and be healthy. Mental, emotional and physical health are of utmost importance to me and, to be honest, a deep source of personal pride. Especially after a childhood of sickness with so much asthma and so many allergies, to be a healthy, strong, vital adult is a gift I give to myself, over and over again. 
I started my blog in August of 2006 to see if any adults were out there who were living well, dining out and having fun whilst managing severely, life threatening food allergies. Within six months the New York Times contacted me to comment on a story they were writing about dietary restrictions. Yes! Cool! Want to see some other fun press, have a look at my press links.

My other purpose was to see if adults wanted support around the emotional issues particular to us, like our anxieties, fears, insecurities around managing life threatening food allergies. As a trained and licensed mental health provider, I was uniquely qualified to offer this kind of support.  Here’s more about my educational background.

This has been my career for the last decade: I’m a private practice licensed social worker specializing in food allergy management. I work with children, families and adults all around lifestyle management. I speak at conferences, patient advocacy groups as well as train other mental professionals. Contact me if you want me to come and speak to your group.

These days, blog-wise, I'm focusing on cooking more and getting even more creative in the kitchen. So this blog is going to be really chock full of recipes. You can search in my blog on the upper left hand corner for an ingredient (fish and nut-free though!) and you will find lots of good, easy recipes that are also free-from.

Fun non-blog fact:
I have a new hobby – musical improv. We create narrative musicals based on audience suggestion. It’s like a giant puzzle that we all, including the musicians, figure out in real time, on stage, in song. It is incredibly demanding and challenging, silly, playful and so much fun; a privilege to be able to do. I perform in and around New York City. You can find more about my indie team and when we’re performing next on Facebook.

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