Food Allergy Counseling: From FARE, Free Anaphylaxis Training Module

From FARE, Free Anaphylaxis Training Module

LINK: Learn How to Recognize and Treat Severe Reactions to Save Lives

"Learn How to Recognize and Treat Severe Reactions to Save Lives"

"In an anaphylactic emergency, seconds count. But it’s hard to act quickly if you can’t recognize the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction or don’t know how respond. As studies repeatedly show that anaphylaxis has become more common, it’s vital to teach food allergy parents, caregivers and members of the public how to identify and treat this life-threatening condition. FARE is addressing this need with the release of our interactive online anaphylaxis training course, Save a Life: Recognizing and Responding to Anaphylaxis. The 15-minute training video is available at no charge on the website. At present, the interactive presentation is optimized for desktop and laptop computers only.

This training course builds on the food allergy community’s successful advocacy for laws expanding access to undesignated (stock) epinephrine that is prescribed to institutions or their representatives, rather than to individual patients. Most of these laws do not require K-12 schools, colleges and other entities to stock epinephrine, but do call for staff to be trained before stock epinephrine is acquired. No-cost training can help remove this barrier to stocking epinephrine and increase the benefit of recent laws.

Whether you’re learning about anaphylaxis treatment for the first time, or refreshing your knowledge of a familiar topic, we invite you to take the training course yourself and share the course with others. We hope you’ll never need to use anaphylaxis training, but if you do, you’ll be prepared to react quickly and with confidence."

Go to FARE for more information.

(NB: I have no connection to this training module, I'm just spreading the word.)


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