Allergic Girl Review: Revlon, Cherries In the Snow Lipstick

Here I am doing a skin test before I try it on my face

The motto of this blog is: “Just because you have a restricted diet, does not mean you have a restricted life.” And to live up to that motto, I challenge myself to do, try, eat or experience one new thing a week. And it could be anything. For example, recently, I did my first ever food demo for Gluten-Free food Allergy Fest at Brooklyn Expo (recipe here), I made vegan kimchi, I sang a new style of song structure for my musical improv solo show (tickets here), I tried Niman Ranch’s Spicy Italian Sausage (review coming up) and recently, a new color of lipstick was my new thing a week.

My Allergic Girl makeup process of testing stuff out is below: 

Find makeup colors I like, usually at the drugstore (they are returnable!).  (NB: I find drugstore makeup brands (e.g. Maybelline, Revlon, L’Oréal, Almay) typically have less fancy nut oils, although even that is changing. So regardless of where you get your make-up and at what price point, you always have to read labels.) 

While at store, look for and read the ingredient label on the tube (which is usually so tiny it’s near impossible). 

Buy a few colors that look like they might be fun and flattering. 

When home, do my research for ingredients online. 

When the lipsticks don’t have any nut oils or nut oils derivatives, do a skin patch test.

When I have no reaction to a skin patch test (which is usually the case), try it on my lips and wear it for a few hours. (See my Instagram story for pictures of me loving it!)

Enjoy my new lipstick out on the town.

What I ended up picking this time is Revlon’s classic Cherries In the Snow lipstick. A pinky, cherry red that looks great on all skin tones; it’s been around since the 1950s and I can see why. So fun!


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