David's Cafe, Miami Beach

Had a light dinner last night at this South Beach mainstay, David's Cafe.

An allergy card in Spanish would have come in VERY handy at this place [note to self] as only the host spoke English enough to understand "allergies".

This being the case I kept it simple with black beans and rice which were delish.

My dining companion had pork chops with sauteed onions, white rice and sweet plantains which as she ate she kept "mmmm'ing" to herself. Always a good sign.

This review is truly only a mention versus a full on review. I wasn't prepared not to be able to communicate with the staff. Next time I'm down in South Beach, I will go with an allergy card and really try some Cuban cuisine.

David's Cafe
1654 Meridian Avenue
South Beach, FL 33139
tel: 305.672.8707


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