Sambuca, NYC

Kelly, Ms. Celiac Chick, and I had a fun dinner the other night at Sambuca. This was my first time there but I needn’t have been concerned, the Chick knew everyone and they knew her. So cool.

The manager David was very helpful and our waiter CJ gets extra points [and a BIG tip from me] for his allergen-friendly attitude, knowledge, and communication with the kitchen. Just one example, CJ offered to bring over ingredient listings for their home-made GF dinner rolls. Offered! Before I even requested. Fantastic Sambuca.

Here’s their gluten-free menu.

The food is family style and the restaurant is very family oriented: large portions, large groups and children are welcome, even encouraged. The Chick and shared a mixed salad. We both got GF dinner rolls and dipped them in olive. What a missed pleasure that was]. I had Tinkyada pasta with olive oil, LOTS of garlic, and steamed broccoli, it felt like the old days of eating out at an neighborhood Italian restaurant. The portion was so huge, even though I ordered the individual bowl, I had leftovers for days.

I was surprised by how comfortable, how understood and accepted I felt when I ordered. This is no small thing folks for an allergic diner or anyone with special needs. Above the GF food [which was yummy, heavy, garlicky and about par for an Italian American resto, GF or no], I left feeling happy to have a place where there was no eye-roll but just pure understanding and great service.

20 West 72nd Street
New York City, 10023
Telephone: 212.787.5656


Anonymous said…
That is so awesome, and their food sounds delicious!
K Allrich said…
No eye roll? Bliss!
Anonymous said…
We ended up there after the marathon last night. It was the top choice for my gluten eating marathon running boyfriend! And he eats the gf stuff with me!
Allergic Girl® said…
alisa! it was fun!

karina--no eye roll IS bliss! i'm encountering alot of non-eye-rolling here in florida, more about that soon.

hey chick! right--congrats on his marathon--did you have the clams again?
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for this resource!! I honestly don't think I can say enough about how wonderful it was to take a weekend getaway in NYC and have found your blog. Going out to eat is a rarity for me, and going out to eat & feeling comfortable is basically unheard of.

We LOVED the meal there and the service was remarkable! I'm deathly allergic to bell pepper, carrots, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, and salmon. Even though they had a ton on their GF menu I thought was safe, they opted to make me something special 'just to be sure'.

Andrew our server was diligent and understanding, not making me feel like a freak or inconvenience and that alone meant the world to me.

Now the only problem is that I want to take a train 3.5 hours every day to go back!

Thank you again and thank you to Sambuca!

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