CNN Responds to LATimes OP/ED

From Allergic Girl colleague Elizabeth Landau, a very nicely done rebuttal to Joel Stein's op/ed piece in last week's Los Angeles Times.

Take that Joel Stein and Please, Don't Pass the Nuts.


Unknown said…
I was very relieved someone responded to this article by Stein. We don't need ignorance fueling the fire for others not respecting food allergies.
Heidi Miller said…
Thank you for having the links to these articles on your blog, Allergic Girl! As it happens, I also have a blog ( and Joel happens to be a close friend of ours. I just was at a birthday party today and someone asked me if I had read Joel's column. I guess people have been hiding it from me, counting on the fact that I never have time to read the paper. If he were any other nincompoop I would be trying to get him lynched. He always takes a controversial opinion, just to get people riled up. But in this case, I am really disappointed because he forgets how much of a voice he has. What he wrote was wrong on so many levels. I will be posting all of this on my blog as well. And I am going to send him an e-mail and razz him. My guess is that he has had major Hell to pay over all of this. And rightfully so! Thankfully we have science on our sides, and opinion is just opinion. I am so happy that there is so much support out there. And maybe living in a "lefty" area like LA has saved my daughter's life because at least we have access to alternative foods!

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